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Address: 3rd Floor, Waseco Building, 10 Pho Quang Str., TanBinh Dist., Hochiminh City, Vietnam.
(84 28) 6 296 1998
(84 28) 6 296 1986


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IITS Company is the first inspection company achieving ISO/IEC 17020: 1998 in Vietnam.

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IITS Company is a Superintendent and Surveyor Member of GAFTA, The Grain and Feed Trade Association

Hydrocarbons and Petrochemicals Inspection


  • Inspection / Calibration of Ship and Shore Tanks, Road and Rail Tankers
  • Load / Discharge Supervision
  • Sampling
  • Reporting of Ship and Shore Quantities
  • Cleanliness Surveys
  • Investigation of Discrepancy/Loss/Contamination of Bulk Cargo
  • Inspection/ Calibration of Pipelines
  • Stock Audits and Analysis at Storage Facilities
  • Monitoring and Advice on Ship to Ship Transfer
  • Flow Measurement Services
  • Ship Inspection for Safety Compliance and ISM Code Compliance
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Manpower Services
  • Laboratory Management
  • Laboratory Outsourcing.
  • ...